About Mythology

Mythology is an advantageous clothing brand  that strives to create intricate, inventive design that betters the earth. It was founded by Madeline Abshier in San Francisco, California. Madeline's designs are minimal with the focus on the details.

The Mission

"We aim to bring forth beauty in everything around us."

At Mythology our goal is to change the way clothing is made. We deeply care about this world and all of its inhabitants. So our mission is to raise the standard of living without harming the environment. We do this in many ways:

We use eco-friendly textiles that put less stress on the environment and your skin. Most of our fabrics are organic and dyed with all natural dyes. As a standard all of our products are fair trade. It's our honest belief that everyone deserves to be paid well for their work. We work hard to make sure that, even down to the cotton farmers, everyone is treated well. Recycling and re-using materials where ever possible in order to reduce waste is a conscious habit. Everything at Mythology is hand-made right here in the U.S. because we think you and the clothes you wear are extraordinary.

The Launch

"This website is something I've wanted to do for a long time. I'm so excited to see this dream coming to life! It has taken a lot of planning, hard work, and late nights- not just from me, but some pretty amazing people around me as well. At the beginning of it all I said to myself, "this is the year". And it has been that simple phrase that has pushed me and this project to where we are now. There is still a lot of work to be done- I'm really only at the beginning of things- but it feels good to look back and see the progress."

                                             -Madeline Abshier

The Goal

At Mythology we dream big...

Today we are working to create beautifully made clothing that can express the beauty of the people who wear it. In addition to caring for our customers, we want to care for others around us, which is why we give at least 10% of profits to charity. 

One day we would love to build a farm where we will grow, weave and dye our own textiles, employing people around the world to help make Earth a more beautiful place. We long to partner with schools, orphanages, safe houses, and 3rd world factories so that our brothers and sisters can have a better education and bring home better wages from a life-giving environment so that we can live better.

"Live beautifully, love honestly, and laugh while doing it."


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